Books for Review

We seek reviewers for the following books, and we are open to review pitches, if there is a title that is not listed. We review literary books in the genres of poetry, fiction and non-fiction:

Praiseworthy, Alexis Wright, Giramondo

Googleecholia, Michael Farrell, Giramondo

Songs for the Dead and the Living, by Sara M Saleh, Affirm Press

Slack Tide, Sarah Day, Pitt St Poetry

But the Girl, by Jessica Yu, Penguin

The Djinn Hunters, by Nadia Niaz Hunter Publishers

A Kind of Magic, by Anna Spargo-Ryan, Ultimo Press

Funny Ethnics, Shirley Le, Affirm

Leaping Into Waterfalls: The Enigmatic Gillian Mears, Bernadette Brennan, Allen and Unwin

Untethered,Ayesha Inoon, Harper Collins

After the Rain, Aisling Smith, Hachette

Pink Slime,Fernanda Trías, transl. Heather Cleary, Scribe

Once a Stranger, Zoya Patel, Hachette

Flow by Luoyang Chen Red River Press/Centre for Stories

We Need to Talk by Manveen Kholi Red River Press/Centre for Stories

The Exclusion Zone, Shastra Deo, UQP

Tell Me Again, Amy Thunig, UQP

Languish, Marion May Campbell, Upswell

Moon Wrasse, Willow Drummond, Puncher and Wattmann

Grimmish, Michael Winkler, Puncher and Wattmann

The Jaguar, Sarah Holland-Batt, UQP

Freedom, Only Freedom, Behrouz Boochani, Bloomsbury

My Pen is the Wing of A Bird, Hachette

After Story, Larissa Behrendt, UQP

Petals Fall, Anita Patel, Recent Work Press

how to make a basket, Jazz Money, UQP

Admissions Voices Within Mental Health, Ed by David Stavanger, Radhiah Chowdhury and Mohammad Awad, Upswell

Return to What Remains, Kavita Nandan, Ginninderra

Harvest Lingo, Lionel Fogarty, Giramondo

Against Disappearance, Liminal, Pantera

Open Secrets, Ed Catriona Menzies-Pike, SRB

Nekhau, Rico Craig, Recent Work

Acanthus, Claire Potter, Giramondo

Carapace, Misbah Wolf, Vagabond

Cities, Petra White, Vagabond

Do you have anything domestic, Emilie Collyer, Vagabond

Ideas of Travel, Peter Boyle, Vagabond

The Open, Lucy Van, Cordite

The Dancer, Evelyn Juers, Giramondo

Skin Deep, Phillipa McGuiness, Vintage

Forty Nights, Pirooz Jafari, Ultimo

This Devastating Fever, Sophie Cunningham, Ultimo

Brother Alive,Zain Khalid, Ultimo

Stasis Shuffle,Pam Brown, Hunter

BlackLight,Ed. Hannah Donnelly, Sweatshop

Losing Face,George Haddad, UQP

Homesickness by Janine Mikosza, Ultimo Press

Dog Park,Eloise Grills, Gloom Press

Australiana, Yumna Kassab, Ultimo

Enclave, Claire Coleman, Hachette

How to Be Between, Bastian Fox Phelan, Giramondo

Biota,Joel Ephraims, Apothecary Archive

The Age of Fibs, Beth Spencer, Spineless Wonders

Nostalgia has ruined my life, Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle, Giramondo

Born Into This, Adam Thompson, UQP

One Hundred Days, by Alice Pung, Black Inc

How decent folk behave, Maxine Beneba-Clarke, Hachette

Beneath the Tree Line, by Jane Gibian, Giramondo

Sydney Spleen, by Toby Fitch, Giramondo

Take Care, by Eunice Andrada, Giramondo

>>> & 11 , by Dan Disney, Vagabond

Unanimal, Counterfeit, Scurrilous, Mark Anthony Cayanan, Giramondo

Graivdity and Parity, Eleanor Jackson, Vagabond

Moxie, Melinda Bufton, Vagabond

Trigger Warning Maria Takolander, UQP

What We Carry Ed Simone King, Ella Kurz, Claire Delahunty, Recent Work

The Mother Wound by Amani Haydar, Pan Macmillan

This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangarembga, Faber and Faber

A Lonely Girl is A Dangerous Thing by Jessie Tu, Allen and Unwin

The Coconut Children by Vivian Pham, Penguin

Second City: Essays from Western Sydney Sydney Review of Books

Antipodean China Ed Nicholas Jose and Benjamin Madden, Giramondo

Our Shadows by Gail Jones, Text

My Friend Fox by Heidi Everett, Ultimo Press

Love and Virtue by Diana Reid, Ultimo Press

Animal Dreams by David Brooks, Sydney University Press

British India, White Australia by Dr Kama Maclean, New South

Against Certain Capture by Miriam Wei Wei Lo, Apothecary Archive

Racism by Winnnie Dunn, Stephen Pham & Phoebe Grainer, Sweatshop

The Ginger Child by Patrick Flanery, Penguin, Atlanta

Dropbear by Evelyn Araluen, UQP

Admit the Joyous Passion of Revolt by Elena Gomez, Puncher and Wattman

I said the sea was folded by Erik Jensen, Black Inc

Unanimal, Counterfeit, Scurrilous by Mark Anthony Cayanan, Giramondo

The Strangest Place by Stephen Edgar, Black Pepper

Nothing to See by Pip Adam, Giramondo

Buried not Dead by Fiona McGregor, Giramondo

Letters in Language by Harold Legaspi, flying island books

No Document by Anwen Crawford, Giramondo

Monsters by Alison Croggon, Scribe

On the Line, Notes from a Factory by Joseph Ponthus, Black Inc

The Empty Show by Alice Allan, Rabbit Poetry

Change Machine by Jaya Savige, UQP

Thorn by Todd Turner, Puncher and Wattmann

Return to Dust by Danielle Powell, UWA Publishing

Fathoms by Rebecca Giggs, Scribe

Throat by Ellen Van Neerven, UQP

A Kinder Sea by Felicity Plunkett, UQP

Ask Me About the Future by Rebecca Jessen, UQP

A History of What I’ll Become by Jill Jones, UWAPublishing

boots by Nadia Rhook, UWAPublishing

Kokomo by Victoria Hannan, Hachette

Australianama, The South Asian Odyssey in Australia by Samia Khatun, UQP

Thorn by Todd Turner, Puncher and Wattmann

No Neat Endings by Dominic Carew, Midnight Sun

I Will Rise by Hani Aden, Writing Through Fences

Archival Poetics by Natalie Harkin, Cordite

Labour and Other Poems by Astrid L’Orange, Cordite

Entries by Prithvi Varatharajan, Cordite

Yuqimbiang by Louise Crisp, Cordite

Nancy by Bruno Lloret, translated by Ellen Jones, Giramondo

Everything Changes: Australian Writers and China, a Transcultural Anthology edited by Xianlin Song and Nicholas Jose, UWAPublishing

A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop, TEXT

To Gather Your Leaving Ed Boey Kim Cheng, Arin Alycia Fong, Justin Chia, Ethos Books

Where Only the Sky had Hung Before by Toby Fitch, Vagabond

Blueberries by Elena Savage, TEXT

The Lowlands of Moyne by Brendan Ryan, Walleah Press

Lyre by Stuart Cooke, UWAP

Napoleon’s Beekeeper by José Luis de Juan, transl Elizabeth Bryer, Giramondo

Dental Tourism by Mark O’Flynn, Puncher and Wattmann

My Van Gough by Chandani Lokuge, Arden Press

Bright by Duanwad Pimwana, Brow Books

Mother of Pearl by Angela Savage, Transit Lounge

Heide by PiO, Giramondo

Fern Road by Angshu Dasgupta, UWAP

The Everlasting Sunday by Robert Lukins, UQP

Bodies of Men by Nigel Featherstone, Hachette

The Old Lie by Claire Coleman, Hachette

We’ll Stand In That Place Ed M Cahill, Margaret River Press

Beautiful Revolutuonary by Laura Woollett, Scribe

Damascus by Christos Tsoilkas, Allen and Unwin

Bruny by Heather Rose, Allen and Unwin

Yellow City by Ellena Savage, by The Atlas Review

The Girls by Chloe Higgins, Pan Macmillan

Daughter of Bad Times by Rohan Wilson, Allen & Unwin

Lucida Intervalla by John Kinsella, UWAPublishing

No One by John Hughes, UWAPublishing

Sleep by Catherine Cole, UWAPublishing

Out of Empty Cups by Anne Casey, Salmon

Soap by Charlotte Guest, Recent Work Press

Giant Steps ed by Paul Munden and Shane Strange, Recent Work Press

Back to Broady by Caroline van de Pol, Ventura

Wordslut by Amanda Montell, Black Inc

Dry Milk by Huo Yan, Giramondo

On Drugs by Chris Fleming, Giramondo

The House of Youssef by Yumna Kassab, Giramondo

A Novel Idea by Fiona McGregor, Giramondo

Intimate Antipathies by Luke Carman, Giramondo

Coach Fitz by Tom Lee, Giramondo

Sergius Seeks Bacchus by Norman Erikson Parabisu translated by Tiffany Tsao, Giramondo

Rethinking the Victim: Gender and Violence in Contemporary Australian Women’s Writing by Anne Brewster and Sue Kossew, Routledge

Recipes for the Disaster by Gareth Sion Jenkins, 5 Islands Press

Angel Frankenstein by George Mouratidis, Soul Bay

Infinite threads UTS Writers Anthology, Xoum

PrisonCorp Marlee Jane Ward Xoum

Traverse by Tineke Van Der Eecken, Wild Weeds Press

Sweatshop Women edited by Winnie Dunn, Sweatshop

The Grass Library by David Brooks, Brandl and Schleisinger

apparently by joanne burns, Giramondo

Newcastle Sonnets by Keri Glastonbury, Giramondo

The Lost Arabs by Omar Sakr, UQP

Jungle Without Water by Sreedhevi Iyer, Gazebo Books

Imminence by Mariana Dimópulos, Giramondo

Crow College:New and Selected Poems by Emma Lew, Giramondo

Angel Frankenstein by George Mouratidis, Soul Bay Press

Autobiochemistry by Tricia Dearborn, UWA Publishing

Justice for Romeo by Siobhan Hodge, Cordite Publishing

The Short Story of You and I by Richard James Allen, UWA Publishing

Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko, UQP

The World Was Whole by Fiona Wright, Giramondo

Aqua Spinach by Luke Beesley, Giramondo

Sun Music by Judith Beveridge, Giramondo

The Many Uses of Mint by Ravi Shankar, Recent Work Press

A Passing Bell, by Paul Kane, White Crane Press

Appalachian Fall by Jennifer Maiden, Quemar Press

Stone Mother Tongue by Annamaria Weldon, UWAP

Aboriginal Country by Lisa Bellear, UWAP

Blakwork by Alison Whittaker, Magabala

AXIS, Book 1 by a.j.carruthers, Vagabond

The Red Pearl by Beth Yahp, Vagabond

The Book of Thistles by Noelle Janaczewska, UWAP

2018 UTS Anthology Ed by Isabelle Li, Xoum

Our Lady of the Realm by Hoa Pham, Spinifex Press

Viva La Real by Jill Jones, UQP

Interval by Judith Bishop, UQP

Passage by Kate Middleton, Giramondo

Chatelaine by Bonny Cassidy, Giramondo

No Woman Country by Zoya Patel, Hachette Books

Down the Hume by Peter Polites, Hachette Books

Horse by Ania Walwicz, UWAP

Milk Teeth by Rae White, UQP

Captive and Temporal by Nguyễn Tiên Hoàng, Vagabond Press

Archipelago by Adam Aitken, Vagabond Press

History and the Poet by RD Wood, Australian Scholarly Publishing

João by John Mateer, Giramondo

Glass Life by Jo Langdon, 5IP

California Sweet by Kent MacCarter, 5IP

Calenture by Lindsay Tuggle, Cordite

That Sight by Marjon Mossammaparast, Cordite

Body of Work by Elena Gomez, Cordite

The Hijab Files by Maryam Azam, 5IP

Hijabi In Jeans by H.I. Cosar, Guillotine Press

The Alarming Conservatory by Corey Wakeling, Giramondo

Flood Damages by Eunice Andrada, Giramondo

Brink by Jill Jones, 5IP

Dark Matters by Susan Hawthorne, Spinifex

New and Selected Poems of Anna Wickham. Ed Nathanael O’Reilly UWA Publishing

Renga 100 Poems by John Kinsella and Paul Kane, GloriaSMH

Lunar Inheritance by Lachlan Brown, Giramondo

The Agonist  by Shastra Deo, UQP

Sugar Kane Woman  by Manisha Anjali, Witchcraft Press

Blindness and Rage by Brian Castro, Giramondo

Ghostspeaking by Peter Boyle, Vagabond

Argosy by Bella Li, Vagabond

The Circle and the Equator, by Kyra Giorgi, UWA Press

Star Struckby David McCooey, UWA Press

These Wild Housesby Omar Sakr, Cordite Press

She Woke and Roseby Autumn Royal. Cordite Press

History and the Poet (Essays on Poetry) by Robert Wood, Australian Scholarly Publishing

Sentences from the Archive, by Jen Webb, Recent Work Press

Swells in Tiny Rooms by Ramon Loyola, Black Rune Press

Transparenciesby Stephen Edgar Black Pepper Press

The Permanent Resident by Roanna Gonsalves, UWAP

Hush: A Fugue by Dominique Hecq, UWAP

A Chinese Affair by Isabelle Li, Margaret River Press

Portable Curiosities by Julie Koh, University of Queensland Press

Educated Youth by Yi Xin, Giramondo

Derrida’s Breakfast by David Brooks, Brandl & Schlesinger

Awake at the Wheel by Berndt Sellheim, Vagabond

Knocks by Emily Stewart, Vagabond

Hoard by Tracy Ryan , Whitmore Press

Invisible Mending by Mike Ladd, Wakefield Press

Annihilation of Caste by B.R Ambedkar, Introduction by Arundhati Roy, UWA Press

A Personal History of Vision by Luke Fischer, UWA Press

Either, Orpheus by Dan Disney, UWA Press

Flute of Milk by Susan Fealy, UWA Press

Universal Mother by Elif Sezen, GloriaSMH

A Winter Journey by Dimitris Tsaloumas, Owl  Publishing

nO land by Kate Middleton, work & tumble

Rhinestone, by Ella O’Keefe, SOd Press

Metadata by Amelia Dale, SOd Press

Princes by Night by Jeltje Fanoy, Island Press

Selected Poems of Charles Baudelaire, transl by Jan Owen, Arc

The night’s live changes by tim wright, Rabbit

Phosphene by Tamryn Bennett, Rabbit

Walking by Kevin Brophy, John Leonard Press

after Naptime by Chris Edwards, Vagabond Press

Maze Bright by Jaya Savige, Vagabond Press

Glitching by Stu Hatton

A Vicious Example by Michael Aiken, Grande Parade Poets

Kin by Anne Elvey, 5 Islands Press

Breaking New Sky by Ouyang Yu, 5 Islands Press

The Yellow Emperor by Michelle Leber, 5 Islands Press

Distance by Nathanael O’Reilly, Picaro

Confessional Box by Vanessa Page, Walleah Press

Disturbance by Ivy Alvarez, Seren Press

Naming the Ruins by Dinah Romah,Vagabond

Yimbama by Burraga Gutya, Ken Canning, Vagabond

Anonymous Folk Songs by James Stuart,Vagabond

Thing & Unthing by Angela Gardener, Vagabond, dB

Maps, Cargo by Bella Li, Vagabond

The Tulip Bed by A.J. Carruthers, Vagabond

Final Theory by Bonny Cassidy, Giramondo

Devadatta’s Poems by Judith Beveridge, Giramondo

Jam Sticky Vision by Luke Beesley, Giramondo

Brush by joanne burns, Giramondo

The Guardians by Lucy Dougan, Giramondo

Inside my Mother by Ali Cobby Eckermann, Giramondo

Cocky’s Joy by Michael Farrell, 5 Islands Press

The End of the World by Maria Takolander, Giramondo

Woodsmoke by Todd Turner, Black Pepper

Journey to Horsehoe Bend, TGH Strehlow, Giramondo

The Burning Elephant by Christopher Raja, Giramondo

Small Acts of Disappearance by  Fiona Wright, Giramondo

Exhibits of the Sun by Stephen Edgar, Black Pepper

Uncivil War by Indran Amirthanayagam, TSAR

The Boy From Aleppo by Sumia Sukkar, Eyewear Publishing

Gap by Rebecca Jessen, UQP

The Special by David Stavanger, UQP

Open House by David Brooks, UQP

Glass Houses by Stuart Barnes UQP

Comfort Food by Ellen van Neerven UQP

The Blind Man With the Lamp by Tasos Leivaditis translated by N.N. Trakakis, Denise Harvey

Singing for Inanna by Jenny Lewis and Adnan Al-Sayegh, Mulfran Press

heartbeats by Candy Royalle, lightening source

The Non-Sequitur of Snow by Shari Kocher, Puncher and Wattmann

Circle Work by Cameron Lowe, Puncher and Wattmann

Towards the Equator, New and Selected Poems by Alex Skovron, Puncher and Wattmann

Regulator by Benjamin Dodds, Puncher and Wattmann

Sea of Heartbeak by Les Wicks, Puncher and Wattmann

Bulu Line edited by Stuart Cooke, Puncher and Wattmann

Palace of Culture by Ania Walwicz, Puncher and Wattmann

The Beautiful Anxiety by Jill Jones, Puncher and Wattmann

While I am Drawing Breath by Rose Ausländer, Arc

White Coins by James Byrne, Arc

The Two Rivers of Granada descend from the Snow to the Wheat by Juan Garrido-Salgado

Listening to the Mopokes Go by Lucy Todd, Whitmore

Heat and Light by Ellen Van Neerven, UQP

Peripheral Vision by Paddy O’Reilly, UQP

The Promise by Tony Birch, UQP

The Secret Maker of the World by Abbas El-Zein, UQP

The Other Shore by Hoa Pham, Seizure

Stories of Sydney,  Seizure

Navigatio by Patrick Holland, Transit Lounge

Black Rock, White City by A.S Patric, Transit Lounge

Crow’s Breath by John Kinsella, Transit Lounge

Home After Dark by Kavita Nandan, University of South Pacific Press

by Nicholas Jose, Giramondo

The Memory of Salt by Alice Melike Ülgezer, Giramondo

Death Fugue by Sheng Keyi, translated by Shelley Bryant, Giramondo

Battarbee and Namatjira by Martin Edmond, Giramondo

The Life of Houses by Lisa Gorton, Giramondo

Staging Asylum Edited by Emma Cox, Currency Press

Last Words from Montmatre by Qiu Miaojin translated by Ari Larissa Heinrich, New York Review Books Press

The Queen’s Play by Aashish Kaul, Roundfire

The Case for Palestine by Paul Heywood-Smith, Wakefield Press

Foreign Soil by Maxine Beneba Clarke, Hachette

Only the Animals by Ceridwen Dovey, Hamish Hamilton

Harmless by Julienne Van Loon Fremantle Press

Dreams of Flight by Jena Woodhouse, Ginninderra Press

The Gypsy Goddess by Meena Kandasamy Atlantic UK

Here Come the Dogs by Omar Musa, Penguin Books

Coolie Woman, the Odyssey of Indenture by Gaiutra Bahadur, Hurst

India, Another Way of Seeing, Granta, The Magazine of New Writing, 130