Terry Jones

TerryTerry Jones’ debut short collection, Furious Resonance, was published by Poetry Salzburg in 2011. That same year he was the winner of the Bridport Prize. His work has also appeared in magazines including Poetry Review, The New Statesman, Agenda, Ambit, The London Magazine, Magma, Iota, Communist Review, The North.




Let X be the sun:
between number and number the rage star burning; Xanthic helllight, Sunflower atom-pisser, imaginary
ghost flower.

                                                                    Starts with clot of ochre
     Impasto sun-mould the ur-text in outline paradigm mud-pat
                                                   A child’s sun isotope of yellow wax its surface storms 

Upstroke the sun’s sign
On papyrus whirlpool of x-rays

                         a violent flower at zero
                                                 Furious stalk the inferno uncodes and black it is black a black funeral

feather World-black negative dark flower Gamma plant blazer Anarchist icon
O common star Sulphur flower the light star’s dark grammar

                         Is hossanah breath and bone  swastika Solomon’s Seal

At heart it reads off Signifier Sigma
Sonne sunne A sol-fa
its energy a base petal pions’ spore Morpheme it flashes out

Struck flint Mi

 The dawn flower Alpha Aaron’s Rod Gospel gold-leaf
To liquid sets elixir the dusk rose Giaconda Will-o-wisp light text

Glows oil out plumes out

Marigold Madonna Yellow ink on paper

Its syntax figured
complex Flowering Kells Book wrought Of roots enchanted Carnival chromosome

Writhing writing Rag-and-bone strange rose Torch of anti-matter Old rope manuscript

Ultra-violet hieroglyph
but penned