Marjon Mossammaparast

IMG_2998Marjon is a secondary school teacher of English/Literature residing in Melbourne, Victoria. Her poetry has been published in Australian Poetry Journal, Antipodes, Southerly, The Moth Magazine, Island, Gargouille, Blue Dog, and Going Down Swinging, and am forthcoming in Contrappasso magazine and The Australian.

Goodbye To Mother

Wet fog rolls over the city as you roll out,
Upon the water.
We row you out
Over the anchors, into the channel
To scatter flesh preternaturally made dust
Where the dead can finally walk like the miracle.
Which way will you float Mother?
Along which blue corridor shall I lap in the dark
For your hand
When all I am is body,
The heaviness that sinks under the swell?
We are gathered here, the ungathered
Clutching you to our bosom,
Drifting with the tide,
Where once you heaved us out of
And gave us to earth.
Who will name me now that you are everywhere
But silent look on this great parody,
This elemental shadow-world?