Jenna Cardinale

Jenna Cardinale writes poems. Some of them appear in Verse Daily, Pith, The Fem, and H_NGM_N. Her latest chapbook, A California, will be published by Dancing Girl Press in 2017. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.



At Least this Music

I’ve filled out
my entire


What about decor. And how
does light work. The shadows of
the lamps. Static skeet.


In the shadows some of the people are small.


I’m not great at holding
up this heavy conversation.

This body. A gun.


Listen for the violence
of bow to curve.


Shark Eye, February

The way we walk on

I am an American, but
I still only find empty
shells on the beach
between the edge of ocean
and an auto-lit development.

The way we remember snow.
                What it covers.

There are fewer shootings after

Everyone is well-read and understands danger.

Then a tiny predator

                (that’s what we call it)

falls out. Dried out. Dead.