Benjamin Dodds

unnamedBenjamin Dodds is the author of Regulator (Puncher & Wattmann, 2014). His work appears in The Best Australian Poems 2014 and was recently performed on Radio National’s Poetica program.



Space Age

My mother’s breasts were astronauts
drawn up close and high

in a latex matrix of Playtex warp and weft.
They manufactured the moon suits

(Playtex, not my mother’s breasts)
to swaddle men against silent death.

Twenty-one layers of failsafe stitching—
cascading redundancy

made vacuum-tight by hand
under the brief

that space is equilibrium.
No blood or breath

or saliva out there;
given the chance

the void takes its share.
I’m told I screamed each time

like depressurisation
at their smothering press

and just like those gods of Apollo
had to be fed powdered milk.