Beibei Chen

Beibei Chen is currently a Ph.D candidate, who came to Australia in 2011 to study in the English department of UNSW at Canberra. She is interested in representations of history, memory and identity in Chinese Australians fictions. She spends her spare time writing essays and poetry related to life stories of Asians in Australia. She has a passion for representing diversity of life, dreams and memory.



Two Sharp, Sydney,
Darkening, Conflicting, Yearning, Struggling and twisting.
Neither did I have strong ‘Aussie’ coffee;
Nor walk to the hill growing a gumtree.
I suspect myself being sick.
Lost my soul,
Spelt “scapegoat” wrong into “space-goat”
People laughed.
I cried for home.


The Intruder

He came from the unlocked backyard door,
And straight to my kitchen,
When I was standing still in the rented roof,
Suddenly prepared to salute:
For he is the general of this foreign land,
I am the stranger who is prepared to intrude.